Arabelle Sicardi

Arabelle Sicardi

I'm a fashion and beauty writer.

I write about beauty, fashion, feminism and identity for a bunch of different places.

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Open uri20140623 18993 1nblvt0 article

The Curious Case of Kendall & Kim

Kim Kardashian has wanted to be fashion's darling for ages, but her little sister is taking that throne for herself....

Open uri20140623 18993 pwn1qn article

Capitalism [Dot] Blogspot [Dot] Com -

It comes to this: fashion bloggers, a lot of us, are a bunch of sell-outs....

Open uri20140623 18993 1w3af64 article

Arabelle Sicardi On Glamorous Hoarding -

Share I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling lately. The stories our clothes tell us, specifically. The end of the year compelled me to......

Open uri20140623 18993 1rwk1hz article

Makeup & Resistance: It's not about pretty -

Share New Year, New You — a mantra we’re all supposed to follow, typically with juice cleanses and promises to be nicer to our......

Open uri20140623 18993 1tpge8l article

Yummies, Luxury, and the Fashion Narrative -

The TSC team sits down to discuss gender dynamics and the fashion narrative....

Open uri20140623 18993 1gkpvzc article

In Sickness and In Helmut Lang -

I just visited another round of doctors today, which is why I'm writing this, on my way back to work. I hadn't had these specific rounds of tests in awhile -- but I slipped into the dressing room with the same excitement I get at Tokio 7. This was intentional...

Open uri20140623 25517 103uvqn article

Rihanna, Slut-Shaming and the Emotional Toll of Clothes -

Rihanna's sheer moment at the CFDA sparked a moment in my own wardrobe, which led to something bigger: the gigantic space male entitlement takes up. Gross....

Open uri20140623 18993 1608izm article

An Ode to Ugly Winter Clothes -

Share With the return of cold weather comes the return of moon boots and Uggs and puffy jackets. Coming with it also are the......

Open uri20140623 18993 1b3suub article

A Case of Monsters: Skincare Solutions to Stop Hating Your Face

Share While I am an admittedly gorgeous individual (I’m not joking, sorry, LOVE YOURSELVES PEOPLE) who cannot pass a reflective surface without vogueing to......

Open uri20140623 25517 1qyblce article

Rape Culture & High Fashion -

You know those articles that go around all about trends dudes hate, (rape culture) things to wear to make your man want you, so on, so forth......

Open uri20140623 25517 15dmfpe article

Trauma and Fashion Armor

If I treat my trauma like an accessory, it doesn't define me and I can manipulate it like I manipulate fashion. Nothing will ever swallow me whole....

Open uri20140623 18993 161fwi5 article

Hellish Cruella Glam -

Arabelle Sicardi plays devil's advocate in the fur debate....

Open uri20140703 31814 eyymap article

Photoshopping the Beauty Standards Away 4 Art -

We loved the recent bad photoshop representations of beauty standards so much we had to join in....

Open uri20140623 25517 g5alms article

Dov Charney is Out of American Apparel, and We Have Some Questions -

Let's talk about what took them so damn long -- and also, of course, what's next....

Open uri20140623 25517 113vxai article

Film, Fashion & Appearance As Resistance -

While this edition has less to do with makeup, it has everything to do with appearance as resistance....